About me Contacts on the internet

VKontakte aplavin

Most popular social network in Russia, I use it mainly for communications and chatting.

Habrahabr chersanya

Russian IT blogging portal. I don't often write there, but sometimes do.

Stackoverflow aplavin

World-known Q&A site for programmers, where I've asked quite a lot of questions. Also, same account on other StackExchange sites.

Bitbucket aplavin

Code hosting for any projects. I used to keep my code with Mercurial and Git there.

Github aplavin

Code hosting for open-source projects. I used to keep my code with Git there.

Older accounts

Emails (still work): chersanya@gmail.com, aleksandr.plavin@phystech.edu, me@aplavin.ru. Nickname "chersanya" on many other sites is mine too.


Plain old Email communication. Actually, you can send your mail to any address which ends with @plav.in.